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Richard Laronde at the North Pole 4/24/2006

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Read my description of our adventure here

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First picture is flying over Bear Island in the Arctic, then Spitsbergen, The in flight meal on the Russian cargo jet, unloading the jet after it landed at Borneo Ice Station 78 miles from the pole, pictures of Borneo, loading the Russian helicopter to be flown to our starting point, pictures on the helicopter. 

Many pictures on the ice including crossing leads (cracks in the ice pack) rubble fields and pressure ridges.  Pictures at the pole including the Polish SCUBA team flown in to dive at the pole. Pictures of the Norwegian team of Rolf Bae, Cecilie Skog and Per Henry Borch (in orange suits) that set a record of 48 days skiing from Canada to the pole. Cecilie is the first woman to do the "seven summits" and both poles.

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Bear Island


In flight meal on the Russian cargo jet

Where the pack ice meets the water

Landing at Borneo, 78 miles from the pole

Russian helicopters at Borneo Ice Station

Borneo Station

Which way is Boston?

Loading the helicopter

Skydivers on the way to the pole

out the window

An expedition being droped covers up from the downblast

Eric Philips calling Borneo on Satellite phone

Crossing a lead

Eric in the tent

Photo courtesy Eric Philips/


Actually I tripped on my tow rope during a break

Photo courtesy Eric Philips/

Photo courtesy Eric Philips/

Photo courtesy Eric Philips/

Close to the Pole

At the Pole!

Polish divers getting ready to dive the pole.

Polish Camp

Self portrait

Norwegian team coming in

Rolf Bae, Cecilie Skog, Per Henry Borch, Eric Philips vist the huge Polish tents for Espresso

Rolf Bae, Cecilie Skog, Per Henry Borch

Photo courtesy Eric Philips/

Photo courtesy Eric Philips/

The "We just broke all the records!" smile.

Photo courtesy Eric Philips/

Drying gloves etc at the top of the tent

Breakfast at the pole

After two nights on the pole (24 hour sun) we are picked up

Helicopter is packed full (overloaded)

At Borneo

Inside Borneo

Loading for home

Dog sled expedition

The Norwegians ride as cargo

Planning for the South Pole!

Photos marked courtesy of Eric Philips/ are copyrighted and can not be used without his permission.

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Calling Borneo

Testing a Lead

Polish Divers

Polish Divers 2

Polish Divers 3

A Lead

Norwejan Expedition  Arriving in 48 days (not 67)

Helicopter Landing at the Pole

Loading the Helicopter

Loading at Borneo

Helicopter Landing at Borneo

Borneo Loading


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